How to get to Osijek

TransportationDear participants,

here you can find some important information that can help you plan your trip to Osijek.

The easiest way to come to Osijek would be if you first come to Zagreb and then take a bus or a train to Osijek.

Traveling by bus:

There are several companies operating on a daily basis on the Zagreb – Osijek line. The price of a one-way ticket from Zagreb to Osijek is about 125 KN (17 EUR). Some companies also have student discount of 40 % if you have your student card with you.

You can check all the buses traveling from the main bus station in Zagreb to Osijek on this Website: You will probably have to book your ticket online.

Osijek is also very well connected with Serbia (Belgrade), Germany, Austria (Graz, Vienna), Slovenia (Maribor), France, Switzerland so you can check these Websites and find all information about international bus lines:,,,

Traveling by train:

The price of a one-way ticket from the main railway station in Zagreb (ZAGREB GL. KOL.) to Osijek is about 140 KN (19 EUR). It is not necessary to book your ticket online, so you can buy it at the station just before you are about to leave.

HŽPP Website:

Traveling by plane:

There is only one airline (Ryanair) that operates every Monday and Friday on the relation London Stansted – Osijek and Osijek – London Stansted.

Except Zagreb, you can also find cheap flights to other Croatian cities such as Pula, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, and Rijeka.

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